White House Reveals Obama Has Bipolar Disorder, Has Entered Depressive Phase

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White House officials admit Obama's extreme confidence and total euphoria over "hope" and "change" were symptoms of a prolonged manic episode. He has since recovered and now is depressed -- just like the rest of the country. [2:30]

Not to split hairs, but a typical manic episode doesn't last three years.

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The video is very funny. Thanks for retaining your sense of humor in an age when many people are humorless and apparently waiting on the edge of their seats to be offended by something. I voted for you to go to the Antarctic. I hope you win!

By buskerjimmyblue (not verified) on 19 Aug 2009 #permalink

No more Onion links please :-)

Great link. A sense of humor is exactly what this country needs when talking about mental illsess.