Finding Masculine Hallowe'en Costumes For Your Effeminate Son

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Anna Stephenson stops by Today NOW! to show parents of girly sons costume tips to survive Halloween without accentuating their child's already obvious homosexuality.

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Is this for real? What a pile of crap. You people deserve a smack, you homophobes.

By Jane Smith (not verified) on 29 Oct 2009 #permalink

hahaha, ever heard of "the onion" douchwipe? but seriously, your comment made me laugh.
p.s. these people deserve an upvote.

By whataname (not verified) on 29 Oct 2009 #permalink

not sure what made me laugh harder - when he said 'faggy little boys', or the first commenter who has no sense of humor

Cute item. Except for the quick flash at the beginning, you actually have to go to the source to see that it's from The Onion, though...

some people can't read type that small, but yeah, the tags should be a dead give-away.

There's a continual scroll of "Onion News Network" in the corner.

how could anyone not figure out this isn't real...common sense tells ya this isn't even close too a news program look at the lighting and the camera work simple.

By Common sense (not verified) on 30 Oct 2009 #permalink

I understand this is satire, but it is still disgusting and highly offensive. Sadly, there are some people out there that will take this as real, and even more sadly, there are people that do think like that.

By Anonymous (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

And for those who can't read that small, there's the fact that it says Topic Categories: Humor ⢠Satire at the top. Anyone who is offended by that is a frikkin idiot. what they are doing is so ridiculous that it can't cause offence, and if one is offended, perhaps that says more about the way they actually feel themselves...

At first I didn't get it. I was proper shocked thinking this was a morning show and I was like "Whaaat, only in America." But she went with the "stripper" line and I got it. This is hilarious. And I hope some people are stupid enough to fall for it cos that makes even more hilarious. Good Stuff.

By Alex Gollings (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

Welcome to Westboro, lol

Anyone offended by this is a fag

By Anonymous (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

Jeez... some people get offended way too much. I'd much rather hang out with some cool gays that call themselves fags and refer to straights as breeders and have a sense of humor about things instead of whiny-ass people like poster number 1. at least they didn't just say "FIRST!!!11!!" lol

Yeah people should read up on what the Onion is... They make fun of everyone. If anything, it's making fun of people who are homophobic, and how they try to hide their children away as if they're a different species

i didn't even bother to read the article. i feel sorry for the children of these insane parents.

How dare you pin homosexuality on this child (who is hardly more than a baby!), it seems to me that you are stupid and don't have your own kids!!!

This has to be a joke, and if it's not, thats just messed up.

haha obviously this is a farce and not real at all. so dont take it so seriously guys. really!

ha ha @ americans and their complete lack of ability to understand satire

By happysmoker (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

"Anyone offended by this is a fag"

By Anonymous (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

if your planning on commenting RTFM.

this is great satire. i love the robot one.

I have a feeling #9 has a "faggy acting little boy"

By WhyBeAnonymous (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

man, the people that read this site are dumb, this is so obviously meant to be comedy that you shouldn't even have to say "it has onion plastered all over it." also, what is with everyone saying that americans don't get satire? i got this perfectly fine. the onion is made in america and, if you go to her stumbleupon profile (that is, if you reached this page via stumbleupon as i did) you can see that she's american as well. you people with your cultural bias are barely smarter than the people who don't understand the onion.

By subversion11 (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

You know, this really isn't funny. Slurs should not be thrown around. I'm a lesbian and I find this HIGHLY offensive. Halloween is my favorite holiday but this is just offensive even if it was MEANT to be funny. In any case, I find the COMMENTS on here to be the most offensive. The only reason why you breeders aren't offended by it is because you haven't been subjected to the abuse and discrimination. Seriously, grow up and thinkb4uspeak.

By notamused (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

Really? Ppl need to chill. I, as a gay male who was raised by the kind of father who would take this clip seriously, think this is hilarious.

By Anonymous (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

actually anyone offended by this is a homophobe/raging-in-the-closet-homo, because this is a satire on homophobia

Grrl, you need to be careful about putting videos on your blog. Your comments for this one look like a thread from YouTube...

"Anyone offended by this is a fag"


"Quite possibly religious" hahahahha definitely religious, Mormon i would say to be that stupid.

And to the Lesbian that is "highly" offended... grow up you dyke whore. Naw just kidding but you shouldn't be offended by anything... Lesbianism is fucking great and these videos are hilarious

God I love this shit ahahahahahaahah

This is disgusting

Interesting video. But my soon keeps taking his mask off which allows everyone to hear his lisp, even though I've told him repeatedly not to. I think the video should have been more in depth to explain what to do in such scenarios.

Come on. Gay or straight, black or white, God fearing or God denying, if you cannot see the humor in this and indeed laugh yourself then you are in need of a monumental smack to the face or maybe a cold glass of water to the face. Actually, anything to the face will do.

I don't dislike any particular race or creed, but the stupid end of each. This is very funny.

No one cares what you like or dislike Chris.

It's the damned Onion you fucking noobs. Anyone who is offended by this needs to be kicked off the internet, it's not a safe place for you.

By Anonymous (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

What a joke. So let's say you're this 'progressive' parent that 'thinks' their child might be a homosexual. So you start treating the child like one.. dress him up in a fairy costume on halloween for example. But it turns out you and your progressive ideals were wrong and the kid grows up confused and not knowing who he is, leaving him with psychological damage that ruins them for the rest of his or her life. Then what? Liberals are fucking stupid.

A moment of silence for commenter #1, who has been brutally slaughtered by that terrible internet monster known as Poe.

Heh. Looks like we have another victim at post #38.

So let's say you're this 'progressive' parent that 'thinks' their child might be a homosexual. So you start treating the child like one.. dress him up in a fairy costume on halloween for example.

Or maybe you could just let him/her choose his/her costume?

But it turns out you and your progressive ideals were wrong and the kid grows up confused and not knowing who he is, leaving him with psychological damage that ruins them for the rest of his or her life.

You seriously think that because he was dressed not accordingly to his sexual orientation, whatever the hell that means, one fu***** day a year, that he will be confused ? My guess is that if he grows up ruined, there may have been much worse problems along his way...

Oh! And you could reverse your stupid thinking : if he is, in the end, homosexual and you tried to force him to wear "straight" costumes, again whatever the hell you're talking about, don't you think that, according to your logic, he would grow up confused as well and his life worthless ?

Alternatively, (@ no.38) parents could just let their child choose their own costume! *Gasp* Radical thought!

As a lesbian, and a liberal, I thought this was funny. As a Briton, this is totally the impression I have of some segments of the US population.

Who cares if your kid is effeminate, gay, or transgendered? Just let them be themselves, love them, and give them your support, and they should turn out okay.

Wow, a British liberal? What moral courage you have.

Ellen, will you go out with me?

By sarcastic rightist (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

Anybody who is offended by this video needs to be booted off the Internet. #13 and #43 win the thread.

No, people who find it offensive don't need a smack or to get off the internet or anything else. They can feel however they want to. everyone has their own sense of humor, and thats ok. I am not offended at this video, but I can respect people who might be. you never know what their lives are like or why they feel that way, they may have a very good reason.

By skeptifem (not verified) on 01 Nov 2009 #permalink

Wow, you're kidding right?

The above rhetorical question is aimed at both those who failed to grasp the fact that the video was intended as satire and to those who have fallen immediately into that trap of resorting to demeaning, anonymous, or derisory comments to offload some other guilt or shame or anger (not just towards those who missed the onion but those who either are gay and laugh this off or those who pretend they are not homophobic and are offensive and doth protest way too much or those who are homophobic but pretend [or are learning?] to understand gender identity).

I wear numerous hats, including teaching both Science (why I visit this blog) and Physical Education- both actually combine when I teach students (head-start through 8th-grade) about human sexuality and gender identity as a part of the mandatory standards in the state in which I work- some of the comments here, actually most of them, demonstrate exactly why there is such a problem in this country when it comes to community, discrimination, hollow yet tokenistic acceptance of others' differences (not just homo/hetero but whether one eats meat or prefers terriers to Labradors or recycles responsibly or accepts evolution yet still is a church member, or any other personal choice) and the true meaning of liberty (note I mean "the right to be free" not what is so easily and erroneously conceived as freedom).

I guess the point I am making is that many of you are hiding behind the relative anonymity of an internet blog but would likely act very differently if you were in my classroom with my troubled/confused/naive 2nd graders or my "street-smart" 7th-graders- many of you who are parents may claim that you had "the talk" with your own kids (and I have to accept that some of you probably did, and very responsibly too) but have allowed the arrogant "be all that you can be" selfish and disposable (razor blades and spouses!) nature of today's society to skew the education of your very own child! What I see and hear from my kids is shocking in it's idiocy and miseducation and how so many parents have already consigned their child to average because it's easier...

and Grrl I have to say, although this is indeed a "private" blog and therefore not fully in the public domain and therefore, as you are fully entitled, your own personal vehicle, that this blog does indeed smack of Youtubism has degraded what could have been discussed under this topic in a more objective or "intellectual" (many admit that you "got" the satire) manner- I came here as a non-ornithologist to test my bird identification, perhaps glean a little insight, and share ideas, but have become slightly disaffected with this particular blog as a result of the failure to moderate or steer comments towards the pursuit of what is "true" (science?) rather than assuming "freedom of speech" is an automatic entitlement to talk trash, disrespect others, or perpetuate ignorance...


You seem upset?

LOL, Andre, perhaps a little disappointed!

David - ignore the comments sections, then! There are a couple of blogs where I've given up on the comments, because they're not worth it (this, obviously, isn't one of them). Especially posts like this which get picked up and linked to by other sites. It attracts a slightly different audience.

Incidentally, if you stick around, Grrl should get back to writing more substantive posts in a few weeks, once she's established herself here in Frankfurt. But at the moment, she's knee deep in organising the move and is basically keeping the blog ticking over.

I understand Bob- I am in fact looking forward to more on "evolutionary biology", "ornithology", "aviculture", and "science and nature writing", even the odd dart into the reconstruction of "a molecular phylogeny of the parrots of the South Pacific islands."

Although my position remains unchanged as concerns the pursuit of "truth in science", your caveat on her behalf is well noted...

As the step parent of an effeminate 12 year old I found this both hilarious and insightful. His father doesn't see him for what he is and would be unable to accept him if he did. The kid spends all his time here trying to please his dad. I"m tired of being in the middle. I took the easy way out and dressed him as the robot with one exception. . . I let him use a big purse as a trick or treat bag. Everyone was happy.

the amount of different things i need to complete before i move is overwhelming at times. i promise i will be writing more useful things -- real essays with real information and knowledge in them! -- as soon as i am in germany, have gotten my birds settled and relaxed and have had a chance to enjoy my spouse once more (we've not seen or spoken to each other for 3 months now, although we do "chat" daily). my goal is to not neglect my readers, even though i am too preoccupied and overwhelmed at this time to truly enjoy each and every one of them as much as they deserve.