Helsinki Burdock

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Common Burdock (Thistle), Arctium pubens, blossoms.

Photographed at the gardens at the Tarvaspää Café at the Gallen-Kallela Museum
near Tarvon Salmi in Helsinki, Finland.

Image: GrrlScientist, 2 July 2009 [larger view]. (raw image)

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Those are beautiful. Does anyone know the significance of the fibers seemingly spun around the heads?

Hi again, although it looks very much like a thistle, I believe that it's a Burdock,either Wood or Intermediate Burdock (Arctium nemerosum or A. pubens)probably the last one as the flower stalks look over 1cm. Thistles have narrow spiny leaves and this appears to have broad and woolly ones. A beautiful picture either way.