How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas

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This silly and amusing video is a little late for christmas, but it's still the holiday season, more or less (especially considering the mountains of snow that people in much of the Northern Hemisphere are dealing with right now), so it's appropriate.

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Actually, that is a great wrapping job. I usually just use bags because I am an awful gift wrapper. Boxes are as complex as I get when it comes to paper.

well, put the cat in a box and wrap it, before sending it to that nice Prof. Schrödinger. He can worry about whether it'll be alive when it arrives.

That is one laid-back cat!

If I tried that on my Manx, I wouldn't have a face left.

By T. Bruce McNeely (not verified) on 09 Jan 2010 #permalink

Having a giggle can warm you up, let it snow let it snow let it snow!

My cat, Buddie, would have unwrapped too enthusiastically to achieve a parcel.

Warm now

Ha, travelgirl! I love it!

The Beast could be wrapped like that, as long as you left the paper out for him to fall asleep on.

That is one uber-mellow cat.