Christopher Hitchens on The Ten Commandments

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In this streaming video, Christopher Hitchens deconstructs the ten commandments and then rewrites them so they actually are an ethical code and so they mean something for everyday life.

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Hitch is good. Very good. Go read Hitch-22,a nd God Is Not great if you have not.

Hitchens version had a bug in it... 3rd one could be understood being against BDSM relationships.

Nice try, Hitch! Hitchens' approach is very specific, flavored by current events and his position as a Europeanish person. I'm ok with that, especially #8. My 'practical 10 commandments' [link] is fairly general, includes some guidance ('Corollaries'), and allows a form of religiosity to have a suitable priority. I wonder what Hitch would think of it?

I think that there's a lot to be said for Bill and Ted's two commandmanets:
Be excellent to each other.
Party on, dude.