Atheists Don't Have No Songs

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This video was filmed at the recent 2010 New Orleans Jazzfest. It features a silly song, "Atheists Don't Have No Songs," performed by Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers. I think atheists need to fix this little problem (not having any songs) don't you?

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No. Because it's simply not true. There is no problem to fix. There's lots of "atheist songs" (not that there couldn't or shouldn't be more). First of all since "atheist songs" would simply just be "songs that are not religious" - and there's millions of those. But also as in excplicitly "anti-theist" songs.

Joe Hill's 'The preacher and the slave (Pie in the sky)' is a classic. Here it is performed by Utah Phillips:

I also like this (more modern) one by The Coup, 'Heven Tonite', with the chorus: "Preacher man wanna save my soul
Don't nobody wanna save my life"

Weird. There are plenty of explictly atheist songs. Of the top of my head without even thinking to hard about it:

Imagine - John Lennon
Dear God - XTC
Nearly everything by Bad Religion
Every song by Nine Inch Nails that isn't about heroin or a girl.

By Ashley Moore (not verified) on 13 Jun 2010 #permalink

Apparently, at least some atheist don't have no sense of humor, either.

Badass rock'n'roll will do just fine for this atheist.

I'm an atheist, and I actually wrote a song once called The Fires of Hell, a spoof on religion and how they try to scare the crap out of little kids with threats of hell for various and sundry infractions. It was funny, but no one laughed when I played it at my songwriters group. Why? They take religion way too seriously and were afraid to laugh at it. Most musicians aren't very bright, anyway.
I think the Steve Martin video is hilarious. I recently wrote a satirical song about Islam that caused a heck of an uproar. Now they have a disclaimer before we start our meetings. I'm fairly proud of that.