The Spy Who Blogged Me

In the following photo, am I...


a) revealing my secret identity as a spy in the greater NC region?

b) laying low from the ScienceBlog paparazzi?

c) sharing lunch with Bora and Abel after we guest lectured at Duke's Sanford Institute on Public Policy on a sunny Spring day?

d) in the running for which SciBling can sport the dorkiest glasses?

The story behind the image here...

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Today Bora, Abel, and I visited Duke's Sanford Institute on Public Policy for the second year in a row to discuss the coverage of science, health, and policy. We chatted with a group of undergraduates about the evolution of science blogs, the emergence of blogging networks, the role of science…
Guest Blogger: Prof. Steve Steve My adventures with John Wilkins at the PSA meeting in Vancouver continue. Last evening, Wilkins brought me to a reception where I had the pleasure of mingling with a great many philosophers who have made philosophical studies of various aspects of evolutionary…
Last week, Sheril, Abel and I went to Duke's Terry Sanford Institute on Public Policy to talk about science blogging and other aspects of Science 2.0 to a graduate class on science policy communication taught by Misha Angrist, who dubbed the three of us the Beacons of the Bloggerati! Sheril has an…
My SciBling Rebecca Skloot will be here in the Triangle for a couple of days this week promoting her book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I'll be out of town for most of this (off to Boston in a couple of hours), but you should come to one or more of these events if you can: Monday night 3/22…

GenomeBoy wrote:

"I had the good fortune of enticing three Beacons of the Bloggerati to the class I teach on Science and the Media."

LOL _Beacons of the Bloggerati_

Don't let it go to your heads ;->

I vote a-c. Nice earrings ,too, on you.

is there a Sb paparazzi at Duke?

I swear, Sheril is a dead ringer for Natalie Portman.