Wait, we evolved from sloths?

I am no fan of the "March of Progress", but I know it isn't going anywhere. It is too readily recognizable as an evolutionary image for its use to be discontinued. That is why I wasn't surprised to see it in a new commercial for Extra spearmint gum. What I was surprised by, however, was that the creators of the commercial think that sloths figured in our evolution somewhere between tarsiers and chimpanzees;


Creationists don't like the commercial either, but for entirely different reasons. This chap, for instance, is so fervent in his belief in creationism that he feels deeply offended that Wrigley dare suggest evolution is a reality. For shame. I have even seen a few suggestions that Wrigley should have made a commercial from the creationist perspective. ("Market the controversy!") I am sure fundamentalist Christians would find a cartoony version of their beliefs used to market gum entirely inoffensive. (Then again, there are Testamints.) "And on the 6th day God said 'Let there be flavor crystals!'"

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Some of us actually haven't evolved past the sloth stage. Just ask my ex-wife...

By T. Bruce McNeely (not verified) on 13 Mar 2009 #permalink

The teleost and squamate (or, microsaur?) are off-track too. Also, for an ad-campaign supposedly about durability they sure make evolution look frenetic and random!

I would say that as I've gotten older, I've evolved to a sloth. Exhibit A: I'm laying on the couch as I type this. Time for a nap...

In my opinion the largest threat for California are cataclysms and ecological catastrophes. Not important is how many money we have because one tragedy can us take all.

Hey, thanks for the link to my comments on the Wrigley ad. It's not that Wrigely offended me for suggesting that evolution is a fact. What offended me is that although a large portion of population does indeed believe in the theory of evolution, a large portion of our population does not. As a result, I was surprised that the company would be that okay with possibly offending such a potentially large customer base.

I let Wrigley know how I felt in a very polite manner, and their response was most gracious. I get that not everyone feels the way I do, and that's okay, especially since it's one of the hallmarks of the freedom we enjoy as American citizens. I just was surprised at the ad and felt it was something I wanted to address.

I was more offended, however, by the idiocy of the ad's tagline. It bothered me that it explained itself after clearly setting up the idea that it lasted forever. And it really bothered me that when I chewed the gum it didn't last as long as I'd hoped.

And I actually would be quite amused to see a gum commercial showing God chewing gum as He created the heavens and the earth. Why not? Could be kind of funny! :)

Anyway, your blog is quite interesting and I have enjoyed reading it. You've sent several people my way, and I will endeavor to return the favor.

Another one: ET plumbing hypothesis link

is that a gremlin after the lizard on the vid

I heard him at the thing and then afterward at an after party, and I want it to be so revolutionary, as I enjoyed him very much in 2004, but I feel like it doesn't feel any less stumpy than other political speech-sayers.