Giant red octopuses: Suspects in unexplained drownings in Oklahoma

Could giant freshwater octopuses really be to blame for the many unexplained drownings in Oklahoma's lakes?

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Well...Salmon can live in both fresh and salt water. But they have sophisticated organs of elimination. IDK. One things for sure, anything can happen in Nature.

By FrankenPC (not verified) on 19 Dec 2013 #permalink

I read about this in another article a while back. This is kind of shocking and a little weird.

God knows what else in lurking in the mysterious waters of OK. Or TN for that matter! We need more tv show like this!

Very large catfish are a more probable monster. The exist and are fairly common. I had a friend who fished the Arkansas River commercially. He later became a navy SEAL. He refused to swim in the river after encountering the giant catfish he'd seen.

I think a bull shark would be a better possibility than an octopus. They are well known to enter fresh water, and are documented to occur far inland.

By Jim Thomerson (not verified) on 22 Dec 2013 #permalink

not quite the most objective kind of video, let's be frank: kids drow in lakes and other swimming area all the time, sometimes right under the nose of an experienced lifeguard, but suggesting or speculating it's a giant octopuss is ludicrous, one could with the same lack of evidence speculate it's an underwater station of extraterrestial aliens.