7 new species of itty bitty frogs found in Brazil

Check out the tiny new species of frogs discovered in the cloud forests of Brazil.

 A new species of Brachycephalus from Brazil is dwarfed by a human fingertip.

Brachycephalus mariaeterezae
The tiny frog Brachycephalus fuscolineatus has yellow skin and a dark green-and-brown stripe running down its back. Brachycephalus fuscolineatus
Brachycephalus verrucosus has orange-hued skin covered with brownish-green bumps. Brachycephalus verrucosus
Brachycephalus leopardus sports yellow skin covered with dark spots. Brachycephalus leopardus
Brachycephalus boticario was found living in the leaf litter on the floor of patches of the cloud forest. Brachycephalus boticario
Brachycephalus olivaceus is the color of a greenish-brown olive. Brachycephalus olivaceus

Images from LiveScience.

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Let us not hope the keychain-sized snakes of the Grenadines don't find out !

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