The Official Seal of Mixing Memory

OK, I learned of this site from Positive Liberty, and tried desperately to resist it, but ultimately was unable to. The result of my weakness:


And if you recognize the "slogan," the answer is yes, I am a big fan.

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I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan. I still look upon the time I saw them live in 1994 as a religious experience. Unlike many Floyd fans my age, though, I prefer their early albums to their later ones (up to and including Obscured by Clouds, but especially A Saucer Full of Secrets, Ummagumma, Atom Heart…
With classes set to start on Monday I am not in the mood for heavy fare. So how about some entertainment blogging! Like all sensible people I am a big fan of the James Bond movies. That none of them, let's face it, are actually all that good, does not affect my inability to change the channel…
OK, this is goofy, but I was tired and bored, so I started playing around with "The Advertising Slogan Generator" (via Pharyngula) You put a word or phrase in, and it sticks it in classic advertising slogans. I used "cognition," and this is what I got: Try Cognition, You'll Like It. The Cognition…
I've said it before, and will keep saying it until the DNC starts running ads quoting me: Like all indie acts, John McCain's early work was better. This ad is a good start: But here's the thing: John McCain's maverickness was an act. It was never genuine. Indie acts sell out to corporate…

Soul Coughing?

i always wondered whether "gone savage" was a Soul Coughing reference. That's one of my favorite songs from the 90s, too.

That album is one of my all-time favorite albums. My blog name Cyberspace Rendezvous is another song reference, from another band, though.

Really? One of my favorite all time, too. I still quote it all the time, too (I love, "flicks an ash like a wild loose comma"). Have you listened to any of Doughty's solo stuff?

"Cyberspace rendezvous" is from a Bel Canto song, right?