I'm always amused...

...when my photos are on the radio.

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...when I disappeared to Argentina recently, I was with my wife. Here she is, collecting ants in the mountains near Tafà de Valle: photo details: Canon 17-40mm f4.0 L lens on a Canon EOS 20D ISO 400, 1/250 sec, f11.0, with circular polarizer & gradient filter on-camera fill flash
...when it comes to "9/11 Truthers": (Click on the picture for the rest of the cartoon.) You know, the same thing could be said about creationists, HIV/AIDS denialists, and many "CAM" mavens.
...When we look at living species (A and B) that we know shared a common ancestor resembling one of them (A), we can guess that the features seen in A evolved in steps more or less linearly to eventually resemble the corresponding features seen in B. For example, we think that chimpanzees and…
...when painted base-by-base.