Sunday Night Movie: Army Ant Roll Call

(From BBC's "Walk on the Wild Side")

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From the BBC's excellent, if overly dramatic, wildlife unit:
A short clip from the BBC program "Ant Attack" Driver ant males are astoundingly strange creatures. They are larger, more muscular, more exaggerated than most other male ants. The reason is likely linked to the behavior shown in the above video: males must first be accepted by a gauntlet of choosy…
Now EVERY dolphin is going to be tail-walking on the water. Remember the moonwalk phenomenon in the 80s?? Yeah, you thought that was bad? Well, just think how bad it will be when all the dolphin's start tail-walking? Great job sea world... BBC Reports "Wild Dolphins Tail-Walk on Water":"A wild…
Last week I wrote about how the BBC's Drive Time show on Radio 2 allowed a quack therapist to promote herself on air, making bizarre statements about the human body. This included the 'scientifically proven' existence of meridians which "carry the energy of our thoughts". Needless to say,…

Hehe, that was great!

By Pete Yeeles (not verified) on 20 Sep 2009 #permalink

Yeah, me too. I see you posted the same video over at your forum also.

Those are hysterical! My youtube life is clearly far too narrow.