hexapod haiku

fierce competition

on wings and chitinous legs:

hexapod haiku!

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The winners of the NCSU insect blog Hexapod Haiku Challenge have been announced. Here's the best in show: Major, Undeclared Silverfish, tell me, Darwin and Dostoevsky, do they taste the same? -Martha Love Gastonia, NC Ha! I love it.
sparse japanese verse: arthropod celebration? hexapod haiku.
click to enlarge The top-tier journal Nature doesn't often deal in purely phylogenetic research. So when such a study graces their pages we know it's big stuff. Yesterday, Nature published a 62 gene, 75 species analysis of the evolutionary history of the arthropods. Arthropods, as readers of this…
The Canadian research organization Genome BC has unveiled a science education website, Genomics Education. One of the features of the website is Floyd the Fruit Fly, who, we can only presume, is some sort of cartoon drosophilid. Or maybe he's a tephritid, but I highly doubt it. When you hear "…

Oh Tipulidae!

I hate curating these flies

Their legs just fall off

A new hexapod haiku theme? Museum frustrations?