Homemade flash diffusers for Canon's macro twin flash

As winter doesn't have much insect activity, it's the season I use to work on my equipment.  Yesterday I tried out a new arrangement to diffuse the heads on my mt-24ex twin flash when the heads are mounted on long, moveable arms. Here's a time-lapse video showing the construction, plus a short clip of the gear in use:

Note the effect of the diffusion:

A bare, undiffused flash produces harsh shadows and glare

A diffused flash provides softer, more even lighting

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Thanks for this.

I am wondering if lining the inside of the containers with tinfoil might help reduce light loss and allow for quicker recycle times?

Possibly-I'll have to try that out.

I've started using an external battery pack, and that works wonders for recycling times.

Looks great: cheap, ,fast, no permanent damage to expensive gear!

what brand of yogurt was that?