Sticky feet!

A video from Cambridge University highlights an infectiously enthusiastic Chris Clemente as he figures out how ants stick to smooth surfaces:


Two things strike me about the video. First, they simplified the science for a lay audience without fundamentally changing it. That's something of a rarity, as any scientist who has seen their work covered in the media can attest. Second, they did this while retaining a sense of humor and the strong sense of humanity in the scientific process.

Most scientists I know have a similarly intense fascination with their subjects- that's a rich vein for promoters of science to tap. This obviously was an expensive piece. Professional grade equipment and skilled videographers, of course.  But if these sorts of productions can affect the public perception of science, they may be an investment worth making.

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I can't wait for Closed Captioning to be more widespread in videos on the internet!

That was superb Alex, thanks for linking to it.

By Pete Yeeles (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink