Save monk seals or stop poachers?

National Geographic has chosen two noble causes for this year's Expedition Granted. The one who wins will get $10,000 to help fight for the cause they are most passionate about. This is what Nat Geo has to say about the contestants:

For Dash, that means saving the population of monk seals from extinction. Today, less than 1 in 5 monk seal pups survive to adulthood. Despite this decline, there is one small population of monk seals in the Main Hawaiian Island that is thriving. Dash hopes to fully understand what has allowed this particular population of monk seals to succeed, and how this understanding could be applied elsewhere.

For Trevor, his dream expedition means protecting wildlife in national parks from poachers in Indonesia. To do so, Trevor would travel to Sumatra where rangers and scientists risk their lives everyday to protect these vital ecosystems for little to no pay. Without our support, we risk losing these conservationists as well as the places they have worked so hard to protect. Trevor's expedition would use science and media to ensure greater support for these environmental superheroes is both provided and maintained so these ecosystems will have the opportunity to thrive.

These two young explorers will be pitted against one another for the ultimate prize of $10,000 to go on their expedition with, while the runner-up still receives $2,500. In the month leading up to Expedition Week, you'll get to know more about Dash and Trevor through video posts, blog entries, Facebook pages, childhood photographs, and much more. They'll take you to their homes, show you what adventures they've already had, and tell you why they deserve your vote.

And just by voting, you and your three closest friends get the chance to win a National Geographic Expedition of your own to the Galapagos!

Personally, I'm a fan of seeing the monk seals here in Hawaii, and it's a dead heat between the two, so I have put my vote in for Dash. If you want to more about her, check out her website or follow her on twitter. Eithery way, make sure you go vote!!

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