The 3QD Science Blogging Contest is Back!

3 Quarks Daily has announced their third annual science blogging prize! This year, the final results will be judged by none other than Lisa Randall, theoretical physicist extraordinaire from Harvard University.

Nominations are open now, and are for any post published between May 22nd, 2010 and today. Posts can be nominated by placing a comment with a link to the post in the comments section of this post. Nominations close May 31st, so you've got about a week to nominate your favorites!

...and yes, in a moment of shameless self promotion: if you want to nominate one of mine, here are some of my favorites (though feel free to choose another you're more fond of);

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The blogosphere seems curiously silent about the 3QD Prize this year. In previous years it seemed every science blog out there rushed to tell people that nominations were open. This year there's you, and there's Jason Goldman, and not a lot of other people who've mentioned it. Where is everyone else?