Mind Control Devices

Another classic...
So I was watching Mythbusters the other night and they were testing a number of "mind contol" devices - they used EEG, etc. They even decided that a couple methods were "plausible."
I decided what I could find out there on the internet...

The first place I looked was EBay - they really do sell everything (I once almost got an antique proctologists uhh.."probe" - it was going to be a gift .. i promise), but anyway - this picture popped up. Only $799.99!

Control people's minds with this amazingly simple technology. The Mind Control Machine converts your voice into something called Silent Sound. It is basically a special format the brain can understand without your conscience awareness of any message. In technical terms, it frequency modulates your voice data at 16 kHz in a special format that affects our unconscous mind. It sounds a bit like some kind of secret military communications. The human brain however is able to interpret these messages perfectly. This mind control technology has been around for many years and in fact there are many U.S. patents on it. It definitely works and it has been used for many years by our government and by large corporations. The government used this technology during Desert Storm to influence the Iraqi's to surrender. They set up huge radio transmitting towers near the battle zone and transmitted powerful Silent Sound messages to the Iraqi's to surrender. Others will do anything you program them to. Get that raise you always wanted. Solid-State circuit works great on women too.

Of course I hit up google next and found a couple more links..

The first is a pretty extensive set of self assembly kits as well as pre-assembled devices (the one above is only $390, the ebay guy is a crook! In more than one way). I really like the wish maker, although I'm not really sure how it works.

There is also a site with software mindcontrol. They have:

Tele Hypnosis Pro (1.0, 2.0 , De Luxe, De luxe 04 and De luxe 20 versions) The advanced version of Tele Hypnosis. Improves results, efficiency, speed and especially useful for self hypnosis purposes and magick. Tele Hypnosis Pro is simply the best software of Tifareth and a must-have in your Personal computer. There are 5 versions of Tele Hypnosis Pro: 1.0, 2.0, De Luxe, De Luxe Multisession 04 and De Luxe Multisession 20.

and even a "Chaos Magick Spell Caster A very useful tool for all the practitioners of chaos magick and all magick in general."

To make everyone feel better after that assault on common sense, here's a site debunking mind control.


More like this

The page "debunking" mind control is really just a collection of misconceptions slapped together. Just because someone spells words correctly, and strings sequences of words together into grammatically correct sentences, and so on - does not mean they are correct, or even make sense.

Just as an example, the author states "For example, the belief that radio waves or microwaves can be used to cause a person to hear voices transmitted to him seems unlikely..." (Is the belief unlikely? Or is what the person believes unlikely? Yeah, that's good writing there.)

Someone had better tell him about the microwave auditory effect, which can be looked up on Wikipedia, and was demonstrated to transmit voices to a person's head - with no receiving device necessary - in a reputable journal thirty five years ago.