Thursday Toddler Blogging 081910

Many of SteelyKid's first words have been transportation-related ("Truck! Vroom Vroom!"), which makes the four-level wooden parking garage she got from her Aunt Erin even more awesome. And it's pretty awesome:


As you can see, she grasped the idea almost immediately. That's from last night, after we got it put together. Below the fold, you can see her demonstrating how to work the elevator for Appa:


Being both larger than the garage and capable of flight, Appa's not terribly interested. SteelyKid loves it, though, and that's the important thing.

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It's so great to see a girl who has toys that aren't just girly toys. Looks like she won't be into that whole Disney Princess thing. She's already into home ownership!:)

Don't underestimate the lady. She isn't into just home ownership, that is a garage, commercial property.

Oh my, does this bring back memories! My girls are in their 20s now, but they adored giraffes (like the one on her shirt), Goodnight Moon (on the floor), and, most memorably, the multilevel parking garage toy ! I still remember my older daughter coming home from daycare and telling me she loved what she called the "3-2-1 toy" and I couldn't figure out what that was. I asked the daycare teacher and she said it was the parking garage toy (which had numbered parking spaces or floor levels or something.) We found one on garage sale and she did indeed adore it! (They didn't however go in much for stuffed buffalo, though we had one that parents were quite fond of!)

SteelyKid's aunts Erin and 'Stasia are glad the gender-non-conforming garage appears to have been a good choice. After all, certain expectations inherently attach to one's status as a crazy California aunt...

By Erin Orzel (not verified) on 19 Aug 2010 #permalink

Art, I was thinking about the house and the grill in the back yard. The garage is her second piece of property. :)

My Sears Garage was one of my favourite toys when I was but a wee lass. I loved doing pretend oil changes, and racing the cars down the parking lot ramps. And then later my Dawn dolls would go spelunking among the christmas presents under the tree.

To this day I am grateful to my parents for getting me the toys that interested me, and not just the ones I was 'supposed' to like.