Another Reason Why I've Been Preoccupied Lately


Relevant data: Due date in early November, blood tests for Bad Things came back clear, and while we haven't gotten Official Word from the doctor, everything looked fine to the ultrasound tech yesterday. Gender is going to be a surprise, as it was with SteelyKid.

We told SteelyKid about it last night, and to the limited degree that she understands, I think she's excited. Last night at bedtime, I mentioned that she would need to give up her pacifier soon so the baby can have it, leading to the following conversation (more or less):

SteelyKid: "Mommy has a baby in her tummy, and it's going to come out, and we're going to have a baby. I'm going to have a brother."

Me: "Or a sister. It might be a sister."

SteelyKid: "It's going to be a brother. I'm going to have a brother."

Me: "Well, it could be. Or it could be a sister."

SteelyKid: [Looking at me in a "Daddy, don't be an idiot" way] "I'm going to have a brother."

Me: [Changing tactics] "OK, fine. Like the mouse in Whose Mouse Are You?. You'll have a little tiny baby brother who's brand new."

SteelyKid: "Yeah. We're going to have a little tiny baby. I'm going to have a sister."

Me: "I thought you said it was going to be a brother?"

SteelyKid: [The "Daddy, don't be an idiot" look is back] "I'm going to have a sister."

So, there you have it. The definitive word on FutureSibling!, for at least the next fifteen seconds.

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Congrats! I have a pair due at the same time.

Congratulations!! The second one is more chaotic than the first (it's an exponential curve), but also more fun. My best to you and your growing family.


Congratulations, Chad & Kate!

What wonderful news! Congratulations to the whole family!


By Michael I (not verified) on 08 Jun 2011 #permalink

She must be psychic!


I was going to ask if this was going to be Pipskid, but that's awfully close to pipsqueak. Maybe ChateauChild?

By David Owen-Cruise (not verified) on 08 Jun 2011 #permalink

You are now obliged to follow this up with a post explaining how ultrasound works, and in addition why the results are always so incomprehensibly awful.

By ObsessiveMathsFreak (not verified) on 08 Jun 2011 #permalink

Congratulations! Looking forward to SteelyKid, the Sequel!


At least she didn't ask if she could trade it for a puppy.

Speaking of which, what does Emmy say?

And congrats.


Of course congratulations.

Let me point out one thing (as I have learned from experience). With two, you can still play a man-to-man coverage. However, if you go past that you will have to play zone coverage.

Wow, congratulations!
That's awesome.
Have loved progressive reports/photos of SteelyKid; definitely looking forward to same for SteelyKid: Variations on a Theme.


In a good hour!
(it's a very literal translation from the Hebrew "Besha'a tova!" which is our version of pregnancy-related congrats over here...)


Based on my daughter's positive experience with the arrival of their second last year, it may pay to emphasize that SteelyKid is going to be a "big sister" no matter what the new child is. It was a huge hit and source of much pride when granddaughter #1 was given a wonderful multicolor T-shirt reading "Big Sister" on the day the little sister arrived.

Congrats to all of you! Steelykid is going to make a totally cool big sister!


So you just resolved (for some value of "just") the baby vs toddler designation for the title of Steelykid's blog posts. What will you call the day in the future? Or do we get 2 days a week?

You know, the important questions.

Sweet news, Chad! We are so looking forward to Wigilia 2011! 'Nora may have to give up the "I Love Kielbasi" bib! Sending hugs to all of you!

By Aunt Marie &am… (not verified) on 08 Jun 2011 #permalink

Congrats to the Orzel clan! I showed a pic of my four kids to a clergyman once, and he said "The greatest gift you will ever give to your children are each other."