Thursday Sand Picture Blogging 091511

The current quasi-hiatus has the goal of preserving my sanity through reducing stress. Somewhat surprisingly, Thursday Toddler Blogging has actually been fairly stressful lately, because SteelyKid is mostly in a "no pictures" phase, which makes getting a usable shot of her a huge hassle. Which is why there was no toddler blogging photo last week.

This week, though, I got this shot which is well worth sharing:


The notable thing here is not just the cute toddler, but the figure in the sand at her feet, which you can just make out. This is a self-portrait of sorts, drawn on the sand playground after day care.

And, yeah, it looks kind of like an alien from Close Encounters, with an absurdly long and thin neck. But then, it actually looks like a bipedal being of some sort, which is a great leap forward in SteelyKid's artistic skill. And so, I wanted to share that with all of you.

Now, back to work, because I have at least another couple of hours in this absurdly over-scheduled day.

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It's actually a great leap forward cognitively as well. There's a developmental point when kids move from drawing the arms and legs sticking out from the head to drawing them on a body.

While I wouldn't trade my high-schooler for a pre-schooler, I do miss watching the cognitive changes happen so quickly!