Long-Overdue Kid Blogging

WordPress's upload is broken, so here's a link to the photo: SteelyKid and The Pip.

February was... not a good month, in a lot of ways. Let's leave it at that. One of the unfortunate consequences of this was that I went just about the entire month without even taking any pictures of the kids, let along posting any of them here. this was, obviously, a shocking dereliction of duty both as a parent and a blogger.

So, as partial compensation, here's a composite of two pictures (which I'll use as both the "featured image" and insert below, so those reading via RSS can see it without clicking through) of SteelyKid and The Pip. SteelyKid has lately started telling us "jokes" that don't make any sense to me, but that she evidently finds hilarious. The specific funny thing she was saying here (emphasizing by pointing with a pencil) was "Eating turkey makes you smile!" The Pip saw his big sister getting photographed, and wanted in on that action, so he came over a short time later, grinning around his pacifier. I tried to get a picture without it, but he was having none of that, so you get to see the red dragon (one of these.

And that's how things are with the kids. Which is about as much procrastination as I can justify before shoveling snow this morning...

SteelyKid (left) and the Pip SteelyKid (left) and the Pip

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You do know that your pics 404?

Not on my computer, they don't. Damn it. I hate computers.

Not just Irina, so likely universal-other-than-you; don't expect that you doubted this, but fyi.

WordPress's upload function seems to be hosed at the moment, so I've added a link to the image on Twitter. I fucking hate computers.

The images appear to be working now (10:25 PDT 8 Mar).

Was The Pip ambulatory the last time you posted about them? It continues to astonish me just how quickly these miniature neural networks develop.

My daughter seems to acquire new skills (at ~< 5, it's more about knowledge than gross motor stuff) weekly, and it's hard to keep up. Your stories about SteelyKid definitely resonate :-)

By Michael Kelsey (not verified) on 08 Mar 2013 #permalink

The Pip has been walking since October (11 months), and I don't think it's been that long!

By Kate Nepveu (not verified) on 09 Mar 2013 #permalink

cute kids. u should have them genotyped!

By razib khan (not verified) on 12 Mar 2013 #permalink