Drumming for Fall

The JCC is closed today for Rosh Hashanah-- and best wishes for a happy new year to those who celebrate it-- so I'm spending the morning with The Pip before Kate comes home to take the afternoon shift while I teach my class. SteelyKid is in school today as usual, so don't tell her, but the Little Dude and I went down to the river to enjoy a beautiful fall day, with trees just starting to turn colors, as you can see in the featured image above.

The highlights for The Pip, though, were the chance to throw rocks in the water, and drum on the pilings along the sides of Lock 7:

The Pip is an enthusiastic drummer. The Pip is an enthusiastic drummer.

This is, as you can see, a full-body activity, and eventually takes its toll:

Drumming is hard work. Drumming is hard work.

We're now watching a restorative episode of Scooby-Doo, before going outside to... do something. Not sure what, but there won't be many more days this nice, so we're going outside for something.

And that's it for me. Have a good weekend.

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