005/366: Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Today was a busy day-- the kids played around my parents' house for a while, then we went to the Field Days in Johnson City to ride carnival rides for a bit. I have some decent pictures and a bit of video from all that. For the official photo-a-day picture, though, we'll go with something kind of random, namely the weather station my dad has in the bac yard.

The weather station my father has in the back yard. The weather station my father has in the back yard.

Why? I dunno. I find the shape kind of interesting, and I liked the way the drops of dew on it caught the light. And, you know, this sort of exercise is about finding interesting photos in unexpected places, so...

(I have a few more good shots from today, but I'll squirrel those away as backup for the inevitable future day when I don't get anything good...)


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Nice setup. Is that part of the Wunderground weather network?

By Phil Seymour (not verified) on 05 Sep 2015 #permalink

What brand is this? How does it work. I bought a house recently and my backyard has it but no accompanying display. wondering what parts am I missing to make it work. It looks exactly the same and would be interested to know the model/brand of this weather station