135/366: Gold Star for Robot Boy

SteelyKid is in second grade, and The Pip goes to full-day day care at the JCC, so we get a LOT of kid work sent home-- various homework assignments and class worksheets for her, and assorted art for him. A lot of the art is just a few random crayon scribbles on paper, but some of it's pretty good. Like this robot that came home the other day:

The Pip's construction-paper robot. The Pip's construction-paper robot.

(The shiny thing at the bottom is one of the cut-glass "jewels" that Kate got for the kids at the Corning Museum of Glass...)

Huge piles of this stuff build up, and every couple of months I'll go through and photograph the best pieces before sending it all out to the recycling bin. But I needed a picture for the day, so this one gets in early...

Also, I wanted to use the title, because as soon as I saw this, I was earwormed:

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