Engineering Education at Purdue: An open house for grad students!

(Okay, I admit this is a pure plug. You've now been warned.)

My department is hosting an open house for prospective graduate students September 18-19 here in West Lafayette. If you have been thinking about doing a PhD in engineering education at Purdue, here's your opportunity to:

  • interact with current engineering education grad students
  • chat with faculty about research opportunities and ideas
  • check out Purdue and Lafayette/West Lafayette.
  • come to a departmental seminar that yours truly organizes
  • tour the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering (where our department is located), as an added bonus. ;-)

If you register in advance, we'll also give you $200 towards your travel/visit expenses.

RSVP by September 10 -- the instructions and additional information including travel details are in this link.

(The plug is now over. Whew!)

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I'm a Purdue Grad (2001 BS Math, 2004 MS Industrial Engineering). Having just toured the Neil Armstrong building with one of the professors there, I can say that this is not something you should pass up! Purdue is a great place! If I wasn't totally in love with my job, I would go back and get my PhD in Engineering Education.