New ScienceBlogs Reader Survey


Starting Monday, you'll notice green boxes in the sidebars of all of our blogs announcing our first reader survey. Go ahead, answer it! We figure the best way to make our site better is to hear from y'all.

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that one lucky survey respondent will win a *free* iPod Nano?


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Perhaps you've noticed something new on the sidebar at right... ScienceBlogs is conducting its first-ever reader survey. One lucky respondent will win an iPod nano. But the real winner will be, well, ScienceBlogs, since we're going to use what we learn to make the site better. Or so I was told.…
Take just five minutes to complete our ScienceBlogs reader survey and you'll be entered in a drawing to win a Seed iPod Nano! All survey responses are completely anonymous, and results will be used in the aggregate only. Thanks, and good luck! (Photo from Flickr, by riot jane)
Well, I'm back in Texas and just in time for Steve Jobs to introduce new toys I can't afford. At the risk of turning Chad's blog into an Apple advertisement, every time I pass an Apple store, it takes significant willpower to not walk out of there with a new iPhone. I find it endlessly amusing to…
The editors of ScienceBlogs are conducting a reader survey. They'll use the feedback to make ScienceBlogs network even better, and one lucky respondent will win an iPod Nano.

Ditto. Unless you're collaborating with the NSA and my ISP to trace my IP address, there's no way I can win a nano. Where's the contact info field?