Weekend Diversion: The Best Discoveries From The High Sierra Music Festival (Synopsis)

“Life is a festival only to the wise.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last weekend, I was actually away from the blog for a few days, something that hasn't happened except for one brief trip in March. Only this time, it was 100% for fun, as I was away at the 25 annual High Sierra Music Festival.

For some, festivals are about the people, the atmosphere, or seeing your favorite bands. But for me? The best part was the discovery of new acts that I had never heard before. I'm so pleased, the weekend after, to bring you my six favorite new discoveries, including two that absolutely blew me away: Shovels & Rope and The Black Lillies.

Go check out the whole redux -- with eight full-length song videos -- for our weekend diversion!

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Excellent synopsis, Ethan. Took me back many years when I used to play & sing at folk festivals in this country. I can relate to the atmosphere such events generate. I grew up with Dylan & Lightfoot, Donovan, etc., who had something to say in their songs. Aahhh, the heady times that were had .......

Thank you for the Black Lilies - Two Hearts Down video. The band is good, but the Bluegrass Underground venue looks amazing. The next time I am anywhere near Nashville, a town I always have fun in, I will be sure to catch a show there.

As for the music, that style always misses me from a recording. Can't do it on YouTube. Can't do it on the radio. Can't do it from jukeboxes in dive bars. It has to be live and close.