The Physics Of The Perfect Chocolate For Valentine's Day (Synopsis)

“Look, there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.” -Fernando Pessoa

One of the most iconic associations with Valentine's Day is chocolate. And not just any chocolate, mind you, but good-quality chocolate, with a creamy, silky-smooth texture, a firm but shiny structure, and an even, rich consistency and taste throughout.

Image credit: Moyan Brenn of flickr, under c.c.-by-2.0, via Image credit: Moyan Brenn of flickr, under c.c.-by-2.0, via

Perhaps surprisingly, there's a rich and complex science behind it. Chocolate can come in six different crystalline structures, and by properly controlling the temperature, you can ensure that yours comes out absolutely perfect, thanks to a little physics.

Image credit: Julianne Dalcanton, via her Cosmic Variance blog entry at Image credit: Julianne Dalcanton, via her Cosmic Variance blog entry at….

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MMMmmmm ....decadent !

You want a good Chocolate story, go read up on that great America .Milton S. Hershey who founded the Hershey company.
What a great rags to riches to rag to riches. Hershey Pennsylvania is kinda theme parky now but the chocolate smell is in the air from some of the production there:

Bit of trivia " In 1912, the Hersheys were booked to travel on the ill-fated maiden voyage of the British luxury liner RMS Titanic. They canceled their reservations at the last minute due to business matters requiring Hershey's attention"

Here is a primer on a Chocolate Titan:

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