Food Crises and Technological Phobia « Biofortified

Recently,  a number of very informative article about global food security, genetically engineered crops and the CA labeling initiative  have been published. Here I provide links to a few:


Food Crises and Technological Phobia « Biofortified.

GMO Crops: To Label Or Not To Label 

Scientific and Academic Community Responds to CA initiative on Labeling 

Stop worrying; start growing - Fagström &al (2012) - EMBO reports     

European court confirms right to cultivate   -  UK (2012)      

The Washington Post on environment footprint of organic and conventional farming. What do you think?  

NYTimes: Breaking Up the Echo. why no amount of scientific evidence can sway those anti- 

RT : Sacbee - Endorsement: Prop. 37 is a sour plan for food labeling  Indeed, labeling is ok, junk law is not

From Quackwatch:FDA Orders Dr. Joseph Mercola to Stop Illegal Claims    

Arguments About Organic Food: Truths and Fables  re: column  (via)

World Hunger: The Problem Left Behind


Thank you to Alexander Stein, Tyler Cowen, Drew Kershen, Dennis Dimick, Steve Savage and other colleagues who have shared these stories.

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