Donors Choose---home stretch

Technically, the Donors Choose challenge to help out needy kids doesn't end until the end of the month. But donations given by Sunday are going to be matched by Hewlett-Packard. There are two great projects I'd love to get funded by Sunday, and I can't see any reason why we can't do it. If enough of us give a couple of bucks, we can get there in no time. Some donors have been freakishly generous, but a whole lot of 2 dollar donations can add up quickly.

A Story to Tell will purchase a computer and printer to help kids print up memoirs, helping them learn to construct stories and write. Being able to write coherently can make the difference between a good job and none at all. Right now, there's about $220 left to go, and the Gates Foundation is matching!

Tools of the Trade will help kids who are learning English buy a printer. They will use it to construct stories and create comic books, a very cleaver way to help kids learn English. There's $272 left to go.

This blog gets around 2500 hits per day. That's a lot fewer unique visitors, but if even fifty people gave two bucks, we can make a big dent.

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I'll make the same offer here that I made on Twitter: if "Tools of the Trade" gets within $100 of completion by Sunday, my wife and I will pitch in for the rest.

yea!!! Let's do it!

Thanks, Golas!!!! We did it!

Gave to A Story To Tell. What does it say about our society that schools have to have websites asking people for money to get basic equipment like this? Nothing good, methinks.