New Year's Open Thread

New Year's Eve. This is a profoundly arbitrary designation---the end of the year, end of the decade---really, there is nothing about December 31st that's any different than any other day. But for historical reasons, this is the secular new year. Looking back on the last 12 or 13 months I can say that I'm happy we're marking a new year and hoping the next year is better.

Even though the New Year holiday takes place at an arbitrary time, as human beings, we look to it as a chance to improve, to change, to have hope.

My wish for the new year is better health for my family and friends.

What's yours?

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Well, that's not true! Dec 31 happens to be the day before New Years Day!!!

Anyway, happy arbitrary day!

I wish that the holiday vacation wasn't almost over. Oh, and world peace, love and all that stuff. Happy Festivus.

By The Blind Watchmaker (not verified) on 31 Dec 2009 #permalink

Happy new year everyone.

My personal hopes are that 1) Virginia Tech wins their game tonight 2) I get to see more of my family 3) I do better at work :p

Seriously though, if I had to make a wish, it would be for more joy and less woo in the coming year. So, I guess I'd better stop making wishes and get back to my meat and root beer.

No wishes, no resolutions. Why wait to wish good fortune to others or make changes in yourself? If something needs to be said or changed, do it right away. When it comes to resolutions consider each day a brand new start--that way you can 'resolve' yourself to perfection within half a year. :-)

By Daniel J. Andrews (not verified) on 31 Dec 2009 #permalink

My son told me tonight that the new years' always depresses him, promising some kind of vague renewal but the next day is just another cold day in Winter. The cultural trope of special days where we're supposed to plant signposts is sometimes like a giant crappy "Successories" poster on the calendar.

I wish I knew what to say to cheer him up. I've told him that I am enjoying life more and more as I get older, but grey-hairs telling me that when I was 24 didn't cheer me up then, either. Anyone know some magic words?

May there be less dumb people than the year before.

By Katharine (not verified) on 31 Dec 2009 #permalink

Also, some pack of fucking cavemen in Ireland passed a blasphemy law which goes into effect today.

A big middle finger to Dermot Ahern.

By Katharine (not verified) on 31 Dec 2009 #permalink

That everyone has access to health care.
That no one is hungry.
That I am a better human being.
That I spend more time in the wild with my children.
That I smooch the trophy husband more often.

My wish, more compassion in the world. We all need to remember we are in this together. Oh yeah, and softer Sugar Babies! LOL

happy new years to you and yours.

I would love to have more patience with my teenagers. You would think since I was a teen just one decade ago (teens are acquired children, not birth children) I would understand. But no, I was an irrational, unreasonable, unstable and impossible teen too. But I digress. More patience for sure!

I just discovered Science Blogs and Science Based Medicine and am looking foreword to a year of intellectual stimulation.

I think New Years' Open Threads are the inspiration of genius. Not that I'm biased or anything.

I am going to see how many consecutive days in 2010 I can go to the gym. The number will be >1!

Sorry, you have another year before the end of the decade. Please be patient. There was no year 0 AD, so the first decade ran 1 AD through 10 AD, you can do the math from there. Enjoy the New Year!

Hope for 2010?

That human beings will finally start to have mercy on other species.

No matter how much weight Limbaugh loses, he will always be a big fat idiot.

momkat, we no longer have to be ruled by a several century old error (which includes miscalculating the year of Jesus Christ's birth, Dionysius Exiguus has it three years after King Herod died, from the book Zero, the Biography of a Dangerous Idea, page 54). Most people have the origin of their number lines at zero, and initial time counts start at zero.

@Momkat: So the last year of the 80s was 1990? I think not.