Sleepy Snake Eats Mischievous Mouse

Fascinating footage taken with time lapse photography...

i-9a042a0b30bf543710ccb99e2ab375a1-sleepy snake.jpg

A hapless tree teeming with squirrels...

i-bfb1cc771c3b73d92128d653c5ab1ece-squirrel infested tree.jpg

Doomed lemmings... kind of looks like they're running off a Marshmellow Peep


Nail Fungus

i-e94f0c1b63f9ca44de439f9d101104e3-fungus nail1.jpg

Yes, those are sleep fungi underneath the nail

i-8c3e7c86e1369f1a5d165229281b9248-fungus nail2.jpg

More great footage here or buy your own here at the Mochimochi store.

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My god, you guys are HILARIOUS. I LOVE this blog!

Would it be possible to order a fer of these lil creatures?
I love them, they are so cute.
Just send me the information to my email if its possible.
thanks and really nice work.