Baby Beluga Born at Vancouver Aquarium

This calf was born yesterday to Qila, who herself was born at the Vancouver Aquarium 12 years ago.

Special thanks to Vancouver Aquarium employee Keey Prior for bringing this to our attention.

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Holy Cow!
what happens to the afterbirth (who gets to eat it)?

Aw. Thanks for putting it up guys. I'm honoured.

Calf and mom are still doing well. The calf is lively and floppy, and wrinkly & cute! Qila has successfully nursed the baby, though as she's a first time mom, it's all still quite awkward between the two of them. But they are adorable!

As for the afterbirth's an odd one. As of last night the rumour was that she still hadn't passed it. And I imagine filters or something similar would take care of it.

That was pretty cool to see. It almost looked like the baby wasn't able to properly swim yet. Interesting stuff

By Mike Spear (not verified) on 13 Jun 2008 #permalink