Lobster Magnet

We are on a new Movable Type platform. You know what that means for you? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! .... maybe other than this. In celebration of the new, we offer the epically awesome old - Lobster Magnet

I'm gonna classify this as "medicine and health" just for kicks.

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Very awesome! Also, the 'related vids' has a great 'Lobster Vs Cat' vid;

I can haz seafood?

Then it all went 2 cats 1 lobster so I made my excuses and left.

Wow.. That catapulted me back! I used to know Garrry, who helped create this.

Thanks for the flashback!

Yanno, this post improved my day 100%.

By Briny Deep (not verified) on 11 Jan 2009 #permalink

If anyone knows how to get in touch with this Garrry, Zooillogix would love to interview this visionary lobster-metallurgist.

So funny. Oh man.....thanks for sharing. :-D