Zooillogix - Now with More Chicks!

Many of you have asked... what's up with Zooillogix? Over a month between posts... Rambling, incoherent responses to inquiries from the Royal Society... Dark bags underneath our eyes... Hair loss and tooth decay... Some of you might have thought it was drugs. Well you were right. It took Jane Goodall finding my brother, Benny, face down in a back alley puddle in San Francisco's Chinatown to get us back on track. She brought him home and nourished him with rare sunbittern soup, an old Amazonian home remedy. Restored to his former strength, but missing many teeth, I am proud once again to call him my brother so long as it's not in public.

So the above is only about 80% true. Other significant factors have included Ben's purchasing of a second bar in San Francisco (this time with 50% more yuppy!) and my utter distraction with the sucrose world of ZooBorns (a joint venture between the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the Tachov Tank Munitions Factory).

But here's the good news, we're back in action with a little help from our friends. Firstly, "Katie the Intern" has been promoted to simply "Katie." Katie is overjoyed that she now will be referred to simply by her first name. Secondly, we have added another Zooillogix reporter, the inimitable Julia Chosy, Ph.D. Why would someone with an advanced degree join our ranks you ask? Because we have pictures. We'll leave it at that.

Tune in regularly as Zooillogix is restored to its former glory and you once again can regale friends at keg parties with your knowledge of ant sex, fish clairvoyance, and my brother's scent-based defense mechanisms.

i-0c821735a14c9a3a533eaccef9dccc58-slug hot dog.jpg

You'll eat it, and you'll like it.

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Looks like it needs salt.

Welcome back Andrew and Benny, congratulations to Katie, and welcome to Dr. Chosy! I have absolutely no room to complain about lapses in blog posting, but I did miss Zooillogix during its posting drought.

Delighted as I am to hear that Benny has been restored to what passes for health in the world of San Francisco barkeeps, I'm also very fond of sunbitterns. Please tell me that the good Dr. Goodall's restorative elixir was made by these lovely birds and not of them.

This is Jane Goodall we're talking about (coincidentally, the keynote speaker at this year's Association of Zoos and Aquariums annual meeting in Portland this fall). I have a feeling it was made BY sunbitterns, probably with the help of some squirrels, mice, and maybe a chimp or two. What I'm more concerned about is the yuppy factor at Benny's bar. What's up with that?

And from here on out, I will respond with a full-blown, on-the-floor, limb-flailing temper tantrum if anyone refers to me as 'Dr. Chosy'. That shit just ain't right.

It's Julia.
Miss Goolia, if you're nasty.