Dear Colleague - RIF this!

Massive Reductions in Force announced at NRAO with additional major cutback at operations and facilities.

Forwarded without comment:

"Dear Colleagues,

This message is to inform you of actions NRAO is implementing to address an expected (non-ALMA) FY 2013 budget deficit of approximately $3M for our U.S.-based facilities: the Very Large Array, Very Long Baseline Array, and Green Bank Telescope.

After careful consideration of user community and Observatory priorities, and a comprehensive analysis of our options, we have been forced to conclude that a significant reduction-in-force and a substantial reduction in Materials & Services (M&S) and Travel expenditures are required to address our FY 2013 deficit. Responsible management of this deficit required that we reduce NRAO expenditures as soon as practical. If we were to delay our difficult decisions, we would be at significant risk of having to adopt more drastic corrective measures later in the financial year.

Twenty-six staff positions have been eliminated across the Observatory, with the majority of the affected employees notified today. Fifteen of the 26 staff positions being eliminated are currently vacant, retirements, or associated with recently completed projects; but 11 current NRAO staff are losing their jobs. Almost all of the employees affected by this reduction-in-force were notified this morning and were given 30 days’ notice. We are doing everything possible to help affected employees find suitable positions elsewhere. The small number of remaining notifications will take place by 31 July.

Our planning for FY 2013 also includes a reduction of about $1M in M&S and Travel expenditures across the Observatory.

Going forward, we will keep you informed regarding how these staff, M&S, and Travel reductions impact our science operations and user community programs. We also plan to discuss the results of the Portfolio Review with you, as soon as they become available.

Everyone at NRAO is grateful for your support and will continue to provide you the best possible research facilities and scientific performance during these difficult times.

NRAO Director"

Statement on NRAO Budget Actions


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Has anyone any comment on whether this is independent of, in anticipation of, or in response to the AST portfolio review?

This action is independent of the portfolio review.

By Karen ONeil (not verified) on 11 Jul 2012 #permalink

Worse is coming as the train wreck continues in the US, with forced sequesterization on the horizon. When asked about what planning the federal government was doing for rebudgetting, the reply was "the law says get a calculator and divide, we have bought calculators"

By Eli Rabett (not verified) on 19 Jul 2012 #permalink