Google News?

I have a couple of subscription for Google News e-mail notifications for terms like "circadian" and what-not. This makes me informed fast enough for what I need (i.e., making a decision to blog or not about the news). Usually, I'd get 2-3 new entries for the "circadian" search-term each day (and even less for some other terms). A couple of days ago, I noticed that I am getting dozens. What is interesting that the entries are not from MSM or places like EurekAlert, but from blogs and MySpace!

So, what is the purpose of Google News? If I want to see what all websites have, I'll use Google Search. If I want to see what bloggers are saying, I use Google Blogsearch. Google News is specifically for seeing what the MSM is saying. So, why did they do this? What is the distinction now between the three search engines?

The only positive I can think of is that my own entries show up there. But that only started about 5 minutes ago when Technorati finally updated my blog there after about 5 months of my whining and complaining to them. So, what is the connection between Technorati and Google? How did that work?

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Have you ever tried creating RSS feeds out of search terms on PubMed? I have feeds set up for a number of specific research interests (and interesting researchers), so that whenever new articles appear on PubMed with those words in them they also show up in my RSS feeds.
ISI web of science has a similar feature, but it's implemented so badly that it's almost worthless.

Did you know that Digg has a Science section?

There are also four subsections:
Space -
Environment -
Health -
General Sciences -

They all have RSS feeds. here is the Science section one that contains them all.

For those who don't know about Its basically a site that has a community of people aggregating links to other sites. Nice to have a collective brain filtering stuff for you to make sense outa' all the info out there. But of course you can then filter what they filter for your own needs.