A Year in Cities, 2008

An ongoing meme [From, via] - list of cities/towns in which I have spent at least one night during 2008 (asterisk for places where I slept on non-consecutive nights):

New York City, NY*
Destin, FL
London, UK
Cambridge, UK*
Watford, UK
Cromer, UK
Trieste, Italy
Belgrade, Serbia
Berlin, Germany

A very Euro-focused year, compared with 2007 which was all over the USA, e.g., San Francisco (twice), New York City (twice), Boston, Milwaukee, Greensboro, Mountain View....


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Why? I love the place. I visited there before a couple of times in the 1980s as well, as my favourite cousin lives there with his family.

Ah, yes, I did, but the rules of the meme are to omit home.