My daughter collects snowglobes. Or, to be precise, we collect snowglobes for her when we travel. She has a few from New York City, one from San Francisco, one from Murtle Beach, one from Milwaukee. I badly messed up when I went to Boston last year and did not get one. Last year, the TSA made a rule that snowglobes cannot be in the carry-on luggage (and I prefer to travel light and not check in any bags), but the lax security at Milwaukee airport let me smuggle one in.

Now, traveling around Europe provided me with the opportunity to greatly add to her collection: snowglobes from London, Cambridge, Cromer, Trieste, Belgrade and Berlin. Carrying them on European airlines was easy, but I checked in the suitcase on the last flight back to the USA:

i-db4b2a0752f77a3ef321ff64614e8f88-snowglobes 001.jpg

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That's a good collection she's got there! My colleague collects them as well so I'm always out hunting for them on my trips abroad.

By Silmarillion (not verified) on 07 May 2008 #permalink

Snowglobes confuse the people looking at the x-ray scanner screens and they can't differentiate snowglobes from grenades.

Rather than a war on terrorism, the US has a war on density.

Nice Globes!

I am a collector from Holland and my brother is the one in my family who does the travelling and is looking for globes. He couldn't find one in Beograd and I see you found one! Can you give tips on where you find it??


Roel Groenhuijsen

By roel groenhuijsen (not verified) on 19 May 2008 #permalink

BEO-IZLOG at the beginning of Knez-Mihajlova Street.