The second season of the 'Beacons of the Bloggerati'

Just like we did last year at about the same time, Sheril, Abel and I went to Duke and talked to the students of the 'Science and the Media' class taught by Misha Angrist.

We talked about science blogging, got some great questions from the students, and then went out for lunch - it was a lovely day here in the Triangle today.

Update: There was another blogger there, stealthily! Dr.Isis was simultaneously gmail chatting with Sheril and Abel during class. When Abel got asked why he blogs, he decided to also ask Dr.Isis - now, here is the answer.

And here are a couple of pictures from the event, under the fold:

i-6f8d0c13ed6ad80320686ac2bfd96e51-misha's class 1.JPG
i-ef1a6124a6aa6ada0a865c3100e8807f-misha's class 2.JPG

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