I won! I won! I won!

A signed print of this!!!!

See, I heard it here first!

And here is the official announcement with the details of the contest.


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Today, the SCQ in preparation for its second year run, has a sort of a housekeeping post, which talks about haiku projects, its print edition woes, but more importantly an interesting sidebar which has all the makings of a conspiracy involving Bobby Henderson and the FSM phenomenon. It reads: 1.…
Drum roll please... We are now officially able to announce that Andrew Binder, a graduate student in life sciences communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has won our "Crash the Intersection" banner contest. Andrew's successful banner--which I've taken to calling the Sign & Cross-…
I'm not the first here to post about it, but sharpen your pencils, because Seed Magazine has just announced its first annual nonfiction science-writing contest. The instructions ask people to write an essay, in 2000 words or less, about the future of science in America, and what the country can do…
Want to impress your fellow coworkers? Send your prettiest photos and micrographs to the European Molecular Biology Organization's Journal (aka EMBO Journal) and you may get your own EMBO J cover. Last year a grad student from our lab, got a couple of covers. For details read the following email:…

YOU LUCKY DOG!!!!!! Congratulations, man. You deserve it.

You must make Glendon deliver it in person at Science Online Ten.

w00t!! Love the picture.

By Catharine (not verified) on 29 Aug 2009 #permalink