If you live in Arizona....

...perhaps you and thousands of your friends can all simultaneously walk down the street wearing one of these:

i-7f9afa671cab9023c53ad749e8222d66-do i look illegal.jpg

[yes, sales will help feed my family, so there is my Conflict Of Interest statement for posting this here]


I've pretty much given up on the Arizona mess.

My calls for a million protestors to dress as mariachis & march on the capitol on Cinco De Mayo went unheeded and I'm just too depressed to care.

The photo on a female means that it could be mistaken for an advertisement for playing with the legal age-of-consent. (I.e., is this female "jail bait"?)

Still, in the context of AZ's law, I get it.

By mercurianferret (not verified) on 09 May 2010 #permalink

Yes, the double-entendre is intentional. And you said it yourself: jail-bait.