What the Young Victims at Utøya Believed In


Summer Camp at Utøya

What did the young victims murdered at Utøya believe in?

For many families, this was a dream camp for their children, turned into a hell by admitted terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. My thoughts are with them as they rebuild towards a brighter future.

According to the camp's website:


We based our fundamental outlook on the democratic socialism. Our vision is that individuals together to create a free and just society, where ecology is in front of the economy, and human values ahead of material prosperity.

Our core values are:

Freedom for all people.
Justice in a society where everyone has equal opportunities.
Solidarity in a society where people take responsibility for each other.
Participation in a society where everyone is involved in creating the future.
Respect for nature and a society in harmony with nature's carrying capacity.

On these pages you will find a presentation of our main issues, in addition to statements, manifestos and political programs.

Work and education

We want the youth to have a secure job, and we work closely with trade unions to ensure workers' rights. We want a free and diverse public school where students experience both the mastery and challenges .... Read more ...


AUF fighting for new and more equitable world. We will increase funding, introduce solidarity trade agreements and to give poor countries more influence. Read more ...

Equality and Inclusion

AUF fighting for a society where you can be yourself, no matter what your name is, who you are, where you live, what you believe or who you love. We fight for gender equality, and against all forms of racism. Read more ...


Norway to be a leader in environmental policy. In order that future generations will have access to a good environment and a clean environment, the concern for the environment come first. Read more ...

Summer Camp at Utøya

Every summer, gather youth from across the country on Utøya to have social, swimming, learning about politics, check and much more. This year's summer camp offers highlights such as Gro Harlem Brundtland, Jens Stoltenberg, Jonas Gahr-Store, stand-up with Terje Sporsem, Datarock and other concerts, and everything that makes Utøya for this summer's best adventure!

Political yard

Throughout the week is different people with lots of experience in politics to talk about various topics. So are you interested in inclusion issues, gender equality, environment, education policy or international affairs - or just interested in learning how to become a good speaker and debater, then Utøya the right place for you.

Football and volleyball tournament

Like sports are also Utøya place for you. Here are fighting the counties against each other for the large gold medal in soccer and volleyball court. The biggest is still the glory that counties can take home with them when they win tournaments.

Love Trail

Dagbladet has previously voted Utøya to the best check site for young people. Here you will meet other young people from all over Norway and disco, concerts, speed-dating, and even a kjærlighetssti. Here many a AUFer found his great love!


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Makes the terror attack even more tragic if that is possible.

Kjærlighetssti means "love trail". I'm glad you're focusing on the beliefs of the campers instead of those of the killer.

How old where the 'young victims'? I do not see any statement about that. I suppose since this was a political motivated camp the age of those present should be over 18?

By E.Eliveld (not verified) on 25 Jul 2011 #permalink

According to swedish newspapers they where 12-20 years old

I salute your initiative to post about the beliefs of the victims. Their ideals must always be more important than the sickening message of the murderer.

Greetings from Sweden

By Johan Berggren (not verified) on 26 Jul 2011 #permalink

The program of the camp is also of interest;

It seems like participation in political organisations at a rather young age is seen as more normal in the Scandinavian countries than in the US. The youth leagues connected to the different political are a important part of our political systems. I've been part of a similar, but slightly more lefty, organisation in Sweden and most of our members were high school kids.

It is very nice to see that there are many decent humans in the US. I recently visited New York and was happily suprised how many nice people I met. In the view from my little corner of the earth, wich isn't in any way free from prejudice, it can sometimes be hard to remember that all americans aren't rabid dogs like Glenn Beck:

By Johan Berggren (not verified) on 26 Jul 2011 #permalink