Jellyfish patrol on Barcelona beaches

Lifeguards in the Mediterranean have a new problem, and they have overfishing, pollution, and global warming to thank for it. Stinging jellyfish invaded beaches off Barcelona a few weeks ago injuring 300 people and sending 11 to the hospital, reports the New York Times. Now patrol boats skim the water with nets and lifeguards post red and yellow flags to warn of approaching swarms.

These jellyfish near shore are a message the sea is sending [to] us saying, 'Look how badly you are treating me'

- Dr. Josep-Maria Gili, a jellyfish expert from the Institute of Marine Sciences of the Spanish National Research Council in Barcelona.

This is ripe for a new TV show set on Mediterranean beaches. Call it Jell-Watch. Cue the trailer. "In a world, where .. lifeguards battle overfishing and global warming". Who knows? It could be a hit. Maybe revive the Pam Anderson franchise. And David Hasselhoff is huge in Europe. It's gotta fly.


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The jelly-fish scourge is not only restricted to the waters around Barcelona. I can offer first-hand accounts of jelly-fish invasions off the coast of northwestern Italy. Those buggers ruined the last days of my summer vacation!!

You should treated its sting by vinigar mixed with littel sea water

By Mustafa Ibrahim (not verified) on 05 Aug 2008 #permalink

No, no, you must use the cava or the port like drink they have in Barcelona, that will fix it! Oh, wait you mean topical treatments...