Skip calculator = win

First, where does Chad come up with these links? Oh, I am talking about Chad from Uncertain Principles. In his latest links of the day, I found this:

What a great idea. Basically, you enter some info about the class - like how often it meets, how many classes you have skipped, when is the next test and stuff. The calculator then tells you if you should go to class or not. Brilliant. Actually, this seems like the academic version of Run Pee. Yes, I said run pee. Run Pee is an app for your iphone that tells you at what point during a movie you can go to the restroom without missing anything important.

I have one other thing to say about the skip calculator. I don't know if these are fake or not (I am thinking they are fake), but the skipclass calculator also lists a "wall of trash talk" where faculty and students list how bad of an idea this is. To sum it up, here is an example of trash talk:

"Because nothing says respect for eduction in this country like the Skip Class Calculator"

Are people really offended about students skipping class? I can only think of one person that should be offended, the skipper (and not The Skipper from Gilligan's Island). Really, this calculator points out the usefulness (or lack of) of the course.

My personal feelings: if the class is not useful, don't come (if you don't want to). I add that last part because I want to make sure that all students are welcome, even if you think class is sucky.

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I am sad now that I know those reviews are real. You should have let me continue to live in my fantasy world.

I don't think people should be allowed to skip class unless they can do the maths on the back of an envelope.