Wednesday Whatzits: Mixing it up at Hood, alert lowered at Taal and plumes over Vanuatu

Mt. Hood in Oregon, taken August 2008. Image by Erik Klemetti. Click on the image to see a larger version.

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So if there is an earthquake swarm at Mt Hood it would be best to take notice earlier rather than later.

By Dasnowskier (not verified) on 04 Aug 2010 #permalink

Here is the abstract of an interesting paper. I wonder if the full paper gives any specific info on plate tectonic differences below Mt. Hood? (From

Xue, Mei; Allen, R.M., Mantle structure beneath the western United States and its implications for convection processes, J. Geophys. Res., 115, No. B7, B07303, 2010.

By pyromancer76 (not verified) on 04 Aug 2010 #permalink

@2: No, it's a 'Big Picture' type article. Better reads on the cold mantle down-welling process under Western US:

Dripping 'Blob' Under Western U.S.: A Hidden Drip, Drip, Drip Beneath Earth's Surface. Science Daily May 2009

John D. West, Matthew J. Fouch, Jeffrey B. Roth, Linda T. Elkins-Tanton. Vertical mantle flow associated with a lithospheric drip beeath the Great Basin. Nature Geoscience 2, 439 - 444 (2009) DOI: 10.1038/ngeo526
(full paper below)

Western USA mantle structure and its implications for mantle convection processes. (same authors as paper cited by Pyromancer)

"Nevertheless, the long-and-short is that magma mixing seems to be a strong control on eruptions at Mt. Hood, where mixing of two different magmas (one felsic, one magma)"

I am assuming you meant one felsic, one mafic...or did you mean that a felsic magma can interact with any other type to trigger an eruption?

By VolcanoMan (not verified) on 04 Aug 2010 #permalink

@VolcanoMan - Oops, thanks for catching that. It was supposed to say "mafic". Will fix it now.


I have been waiting for someone with a bit of knowledge to write about the long series of quakes we have been seeing at TFZ (about 10 km north of Grimsöy).
It has after all been going on for more then 2 weeks now without letting up.
The action is not situated at the site of the 1868 underwater eruption, it is to the nort-west to it. Lurking did a nice picture of it a week ago that seemed to show that it was a pipe pattern to the quakes.

So, anybody with a take on this? Is it an eruption, or a what?

Looking forward to any answer.

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