Etu-Töölö Finland, 2

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Walking through Helsinki after the snowstorm.

Etu-Töölö, Helsinki, Finland, 24 November 2008.

Image: GrrlScientist, 24 November 2008 [larger view].

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Judging from this series of images, Finland must be rather bleak this time of year. We are ready for the sunny pictures now.

A bit bleak, Mike, yes, but better than the dark we had before snowfall. And the gradations of gray just have to be seen to be believed. There are grays that are green, grays that are red, grays that are pink, grays that are shimmering veils of unreality...
Yes, I'm waiting for the sunshine on snow, too.

jusu -- even though i hate being cold (and get cold easily), i still enjoyed the gorgeous landscape of the helsinki area -- it is, as you suggest, very subtle and variable in all its beauty. i'd love to return and do more photography, and birding, of course!