How Will the End of Print Journalism Affect Crazy Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers?

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"But, stacking is a treasured pastime of loons!"

Perhaps the pastimes of loons will be forced to adapt and evolve ... call it "evoloontion". ;-)

fred allen nailed it correctly when he said: "Hanging is too good for a man who makes puns -- he should be drawn and quoted."

Speaking of newspaper-stacking loons, have you heard of the Collyer brothers, who lived in Manhattan? One of them was killed by his own loon booby trap - their house was filled with all kinds of hoarded junk and filth, not just newspapers.

As a daily user of public transit the throwaway line about already subsidizing Amtrak for loons had me practically falling out of my chair.

I can't get it to play.

Can you give the original URL?

I happen to be one of those crazy loons, and I'm not even very old. I'm just a Contemporary History buff.

I have a nice collection going back to the 1989 US invasion of Panama.

My favorite piece is from Operation Desert Shield, which shows George Bush 41, in huge bold print:


You can learn a lot from old newspapers.